viernes, 29 de abril de 2016



Bogey bear has been working today on behalf of the Madrid Golf Federation who has started a programme assuring that our students  learn to enjoy golf .

He said :”This week´s event  is designed to not only promote the game of golf, but to give a friendlier image than the elitist view some have of the game . Our children were divided into four groups and they took turns to try different tasks; 


One was a putting challenge, another is a chipping   competition and another group was taken to hit balls on the driving range. The fourth station was then a soft play area with balls, plastic cones and targets .Such initiatives are critical in growing the game  

The programme  has various phases;

The first phase is to train our Physical Education teachers, while the second will see them come to a golf course to actually see what it is like and hit some balls.

The third phase is a family golf day, where the federation will pay for the whole family to come to a course , given the parents a chance to get involved too. In theory, the kid is already hooked, but we want the parents to play too.

After that, the kids get five free lessons, and if they are interested, the federation will pay for three months of further lessons and then pay them pay for them to have a half set of clubs. Kids love golf classes for the skills,  game , contest and success they experience in every session.

The proof of our program success , is the smiles, skills, and enthusiasm of  our student participants. Look at all the pictures we have taken to show you that:

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